About Earth Essence

Earth Essence is a creative, landscape design studio established by Alex Hawthorne and is located in the Pittwater/Northern Beaches area of Sydney. My approach is wholistic andĀ  intuitive, because I find that taking time to tune in at the beginning of each project simplifies the design process and results in a garden that blends seamlessly with the surrounding environment. Integrity of design is ensured as the projects can be continued from the initial planning phase, through to lodging plans with Council at the DA and CC stages and to project management of the construction – as required. Alex Hawthorne is an experienced, award winning, registered landscape architect who has had the privilege of working on many residential projects, public parks and playgrounds, in the city and country areas on both the East and West coasts of Australia.

Key elements of design

The design process is about exploring options to solve problems, and ideally coming up with an elegantly simple, cost-effective plan.

I enjoy helping my clients realize their goals with an easy to care for and sustainable design.

Certain key elements tend to recur in well-designed spaces, such as :

Harmony with the surrounding environment, the innovative use of materials and choosing interestingĀ plants that will not only provide interest thoughout the seasons but also thrive in our changing climate.


AILA WA 2012 Award for Design Won in collaboration with William James Landscape Architects for Rapids Landing Residential Estate, Margaret River, WA
AILA 1990 Award for Heritage Landscapes Won in collaboration with Geoffrey Britton and Caroline Burke of the Public Works Department of NSW for Rookwood Necropolis, Plan of Management, Lidcombe, NSW

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